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We offer development and construction in mechanical engineering according to customer specifications.

In over 30 years of company history, we have gained the experience of 3.5 million engineering hours. Production engineering, manufacturing engineering and assembly engineering are the building blocks of our experience.


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From the first idea through the professional production of all manufacturing documents, parts lists and component drawings to the delivery of prototypes and pilot samples, we offer our services on a fixed date and at a fixed price.

Our business philosophy: Through our wide experience, we expand the knowledge of our customers and increase their speed of innovation significantly.

Your Partner for design engineering


Our business goals span the entire scope of development work, starting with an initial concept and brainstorming. This is often preceded by technical market research, patent research and literature research. Preventive quality assurance is essential.

We complete the brainstorming phase with a set of specifications and a presentation for the client. This is usually followed by a concept phase and a feasibility study, which allow a first estimate of the manufacturing costs. The next step is the design phase, which forms the basis for the elaboration.

The design is based on the same CAD system of the customer. All drawings are also executed on a suitable system. This is followed by a 100% -drawing test. All component drawings are checked for dimensional accuracy and function with the assembly drawing and parts list.

Engineering services

Our core activities are the design and development of high-tech products. In order to increase the benefit for our customer, we also offer engineering services. These can either support an ongoing project or be offered as a consulting package. Here is an overview of our portfolio.

We increase your profit

Value Analyses

Value Analyses

Due to increasing cost pressure and the associated competitiveness, value analysis is a standard component of our engineering services. We can offer these either as a part of the project or as a consulting package at a fixed price.

Cost reduction program

Cost reduction program

For your benefit, we have developed our own cost reduction program, using the wide experience of our design engineers. Our method is particularly suitable for cost optimization of single machines and low volume products.