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We offer development services and design engineering to customer

Production engineering, manufacturing engineering and assembly engineering are the building blocks of our experience.

From the initial idea via professional preparation of all manufacturing documents, parts lists, and component drawings to the delivery of prototypes and pilot samples.

We offer our services to a fixed date, for a fixed price.

Our corporate philosophy: through our broad-based experience we enhance our clients‘ depth of knowledge and increase significantly their speed of innovation.


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Development/Design engineering


Our corporate goals are designed to encompass the entire scope of development work, beginning with an initial concept and brainstorming. This is often preceded by technical market research, a patent search and a search of the literature. Preventive quality assurances are absolutely essential.

We conclude the brainstorming phase by providing a set of specifications and a presentation for the client. This is generally followed by a concept phase and a feasibility study, which enables an initial estimate to be made of the subsequent manufacturing costs. The next step is the draft design phase, which provides the basis for design engineering.

Design engineering is carried out on a client-compatible 2D or 3D CAD system. All component drawings are also executed on a suitable system. This work is followed by a 100% drawing check, i.e. all component drawings, together with the assembly drawing and parts list, are checked for dimensional accuracy and function.

The design engineering process is accompanied by design analysis. Our company has available a large number of software programs, from the quick and approximate analysis of mechanical components to the dimensioning of hydrostatic guide ways. FEM analyses are carried out using the program ANSYS. This is done by first preparing the structure on the CAD systems Pro/ENGINEER, Unigraphics and AutoCAD, and then transferring it to ANSYS.

Core competency of our business is broad know-how in engineering production machinery – TOOLS

Various 2D/3D CAD systems are available for compatibility with our customer. We have on hand and work with the CAD systems listed above. Our in-house „electronic drawing board“ is AutoCAD – like the automotive industry, we use itinternally as a second system.Over the course of a development and design engineering process for a customer, a great deal of co-ordination, synchronisation, communication, adaptation, and exchange of data and documentation is required. To optimise this process and enhance responsiveness to customer needs, an on-line remote datalink is essential. Video conferencing is a useful tool.

Engineering services

Our core activities are research and design of high-technology products. To enhance the benefits for the customer, we offer engineering services, either to accompany an ongoing project, or as a consulting package. These are described below.

Because of the pressure to reduce costs, especially in Germany, value analysis is a standard component of our engineering services, which we can provide either to accompany an ongoing project, or as a consulting package for a fixed price.

Our cost reduction program and target costing for cost optimisation of capital goods employs the benefits of value analysis in appropriate time and cost limits.

We carry out technical calculations for a fixed price, from simple geometrical calculations to finite elements.
Because of its optimal compatibility with a large number of CAD systems, we work with the FEM module ANSYS.

FMEA, or Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, is a method for preventive quality assurance. The role of quality assurance is undergoing major transformations, and for our cutting-edge customers it is no longer limited merely to the inspection of finished products. Instead, the main goal is to prevent possible errors at an early stage. To do this, quality assurance measures are intervening more often in the processes of development departments. Our cost reduction and quality assurance program does apply the experience of automotive manufacturers, automotive component suppliers, transmission and electrical industries, and adapts it to the medium production quantities of the capital goods industry.

We are in the position to supply prototypes, special equipment, individual assemblies and test installations we do this in conjunction with qualified co-operation partners.

Rapid prototyping

Our integrated support for the process sequence: geometrical representation – component analysis – generation of manufacturing data for quick product development includes the development, together with our co-operation partners, of rapid prototyping models.

In our preliminary estimates of development costs, statistical reliability is enhanced using the results of a special production data acquisition system encompassing research, development and design engineering, as well as the statistical cost accounting of completed projects with a total of 3.500.000 hours of engineering.


Core competency of our business is broad know-how in engineering production machinery:

  • Machining centers
  • Turning machines
  • Barrel extruder milling machines
  • Surface grinders
  • Flexible machining systems
  • High-speed milling machines
  • Crankshaft grinding machines
  • Laser welding machines
  • Gantry-type milling machines
  • Cylindrical grinding machines
  • Deep-hole drilling machines
  • Gear hobbing machines
  • Gear shaping machines
  • Tool grinding centers
  • Vortex milling machines
  • Wire EDM
  • Laser cutting machines
  • Cavity sinking erosion machines
  • Press brakes
  • Presses

We develop advanced assembly concepts, which carry out engineering and design of assembly units and lines.

Our experiences in the field of assembly engineering range from automotive parts to aircraft units and structures.

An optimized assembly processes with regard to cost and performance is what we stand for.

The optimisation of manufacturing processes, determination of the optimal machinery for each individual production step, and communication of these steps to the controller manufacturer, complete the scope of our services.

Example: Automotive industry in the automotive industry, due to high production quantities and the extraordinary pressure to reduce costs, the design engineering process is subject to a unique set of rules, e.g. the costs of materials play a dominant role compared with the capital investment in production facilities. Safety considerations and preventive quality assurance are absolutely essential.

About us

Partners and project managers are your contact persons while your project is implemented.
At Roschiwal + Partner, the managing directors are first among equals. The partners are co-owners. They think and act like entrepreneurs. The partner as an appointed manager is directly responsible to the customer and ensures a high level of cost-effectiveness for every project.

Usually a project group consists of a project manager and three to twelve qualified staff members. The selection of the team working on a project is always oriented to the needs, the size and the intended duration of the project.

A good team is more than the sum of its individual experts!


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